Event Supports Veterans and First Responders in Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh, PA – The Malone Family Foundation will host the Warrior Hockey Academy, presented by Tomahawk Charitable Solutions, on Saturday, June 29th and Sunday, June 30th at the RMU Island Sports Center. The Warrior Hockey Academy will unite Veterans and first responders from local hockey organizations for a full-day of mind, body and spirit training.

The Warrior Hockey Academy, offered at no cost, aims to provide an opportunity for attendees to enhance their hockey skills and overall well-being under the guidance of members of the NHL Alumni Association. Participants will engage in on-ice skills sessions led by Ryan Malone, Greg Malone and Matt Bartkowski, as well as additional members of the Malone family. The academy will also feature a series of off-ice wellness sessions conducted by the team at Veteran Bushido and an educational session focused on John C. Maxwell’s Laws of Invaluable Growth by Ryan Malone. All sessions are designed to teach participants how to improve their everyday wellness routines inspired by the game of hockey.

Ryan Malone shared, “We are very excited this year to host a two-day event honoring our amazing heroes in the community. The game of hockey is what brings us together so we can challenge ourselves on and off the ice. Overall, we want to inspire everyone and challenge them physically, mentally and spiritually. We are thankful for the support we’ve received to help give back to our community heroes. It’s a great day for hockey!”

Approximately 80 Veterans and first responders are set to partake in the Warrior Hockey Academy. The attendees represent the Pittsburgh Warriors, Pittsburgh Icemen, It’s About the Warrior Foundation, Pittsburgh Fire Hockey Club and Johnstown Generals.

Jared Pauli, Team Captain of the Pittsburgh Fire Hockey Club, remarked, “We are excited to be a part of the upcoming Warrior Hockey Academy where we will have an opportunity to get better on ice, but more importantly, off ice by focusing on our mental health. The academy is just another way that Ryan and The Malone Family Foundation lives by its slogan that hockey is healing… as it truly is.”

The catalyst for Warrior Hockey Academy was the impact of the one-day 2023 Warrior Wellness Camp in Pittsburgh last June. Over the past year, The Malone Family Foundation created the model for the Warrior Hockey Academy program – first sharing it at the National Sports Center in May in collaboration with the Hendrickson Foundation. In Minnesota, Veterans from across the country joined together for the inaugural Warrior Hockey Academy, which introduced the concept to 700 military members. The event’s success will serve as the model for future Warrior Hockey Academies including the event this weekend in Pittsburgh.

Two members of the Pittsburgh Warriors, a team of disabled Veterans, joined in past events hosted by The Malone Family Foundation. Jason Nokes shared, “The Pittsburgh Warriors have offered me a home. It is a team that allows Veterans to come together and heal in a community through hockey and the locker room. I have brothers and sisters now that I can reach out to in time of need and vice versa. The Malone Family Foundation and the Warrior Hockey Academy’s staff take time out of their lives to give back to us, which means more to me than likely to them.”

Dwayne Hinkle, a recipient of the Ken Yontz Valor Salute at the Warrior Hockey Academy in Minnesota, continued, “Warrior hockey made me realize things I had missed and needed in my life. Camaraderie, understanding and friendship from other Veterans that understand what goes on and the struggles we face. The Malone Family Foundation, with the inception of the Warrior Hockey Academy, shows the power of this sport… also showing us that it’s not just ourselves looking out for us.”

The Warrior Hockey Academy fuels two pillars of The Malone Family Foundation: Wellness and Veteran and First Responder Families. The Malone Family Foundation’s hope is that participants depart with positive tools for their mental health.

Jared Pauli concluded, “The hockey locker room is a different place. The way it brings people together, and the bonds that are created, are like no other. Hockey gives us a chance to relieve that job-related stress.”

The Malone Family Foundation’s goal is to bring the Warrior Hockey Academy program to the nation’s bravest from coast to coast. Sponsorship opportunities are available to support the academy by contacting amanda@thevieagency.com or individuals may make a donation online at: hockeyishealing.org

Passionate about giving back to the game that gave him so much, Ryan Malone founded The Malone Family Foundation alongside his family in 2022. The mission of The Malone Family Foundation is to catalyze healing and personal growth through hockey, inspiring impactful individuals and communities. For more, visit: hockeyishealing.org

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